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Coalition fights new litmag funding restrictions

Last week, Q&Q reported on new federal funding guidelines that could imperil Canada’s small literary and arts magazines, by limiting Canadian Heritage money to publications with annual paid circulations of at least 5,000. Now, a growing number of people are expressing their anger in an oh so timely fashion “ by forming a Facebook group. The Coalition to Keep Canadian Heritage Support for Literary and Arts Magazines has been online for less than 24 hours, but already more than 700 concerned citizens have joined the group. You can lend your support to the cause by signing up here.

From the group’s Facebook page:

By joining the Coalition, readers and writers everywhere send a strong message to the Honorable James Moore, the Department of Canadian Heritage, and the Canada Periodical Fund that we believe in our literary and arts magazines and feel that they should continue to do so by supporting them through well-deserved and sustained financial support.

To do so […] would be the cheapest economic stimulus package the Government of Canada could initiate. Every single dollar granted to us or paid to us by a subscriber or a newsstand buyer goes back into the economy.

Put it this way, when Canadians get into their Chrysler and GM cars, they have to drive somewhere. A lot of them drive to their newsstands and bookstores to buy a literary or arts magazine.


February 27th, 2009

5:16 pm

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