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Bookmarks: Shopping lists, the iPhone Kindle app, and the $1-million French novel

  • For those who thought the old adage was a joke: William S. Burroughs’s shopping list showed up on eBay (and was purchased for $400).
  • Do female novelists write about sex less skillfully than men? Author Jane Vandenburgh believes so.
  • A French novel that has already divided audiences in Europe (and which was picked up “ at a price tag of $1-million “ for North American publication) has been reviewed by The New York Times. The Kindly Ones is “a fictionalized memoir of a remorseless former Nazi SS officer, who in addition to taking part in the mass extermination of the Jews, commits incest with his sister, sodomizes himself with a sausage and most likely kills his mother and stepfather.” Oh-la-la?
  • Amazon has released a free app that allows iPhone (or iPod Touch) users to read e-books originally developed for the Kindle. At last, Canadians can experience what they’ve been missing!