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Killing trees en route to a digital future

In its mad quest to digitize every book ever written, Google has taken to mounting one of the widest-reaching print ad campaigns in history.

As part of its class action settlement (which we blogged about last month), the Internet giant has earmarked $125 million for copyright holders “ but since many of said copyright holders don’t have ready access to the Internet, or even a posted address, Google’s relying on old-fashioned print ads to reach them. The New York Times reports:

…[W]hile there is a large direct-mail effort, a dedicated Web site about the settlement in 36 languages (googlebooksettlement.com/r/home) and an online strategy of the kind you would expect from Google, the bulk of the legal notice spending “ about $7 million of a total of $8 million “ is going to newspapers, magazines, even poetry journals, with at least one ad in each country.