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Podcasts for poets

Julie Wilson, recently in the headlines for her Indigo dust up, is launching a new project in conjunction with National Poetry Month in April.

Wilson has invited 30 poets to submit recordings of themselves reading their own work and a poem they admire, which will be appended to a daily podcast over the month of April. So far, Wilson has confirmed Kevin Connolly, Stuart Ross, Adam Sol, Karen Solie, Elyse Friedman, and Q&Q reviewer Zachariah Wells, among others.

Wilson launched the initiative, called 30 in 30, with a video post last week, and response so far has been swift, Wilson told Quillblog. After National Poetry Month (or NaPoMo) is over, Wilson plans to use the space as a growing archive of poetry readings, which people will be able to upload to the site. According to Wilson, All are welcome to make this poetry performance archive as big as we want to it to be.