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Bookmarks: historical vampires, Nabokov’s last work, and forgotten Pulitzers

Sundry links from around the Web:

  • The New York Times looks at established authors who write well into old age.
  • The co-author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies announces his next book: Abraham Lincoln, vampire hunter.
  • The Wall Street Journal shines a light on the battle against the Comic Sans Serif font. Oddly, while the article provides excellent examples of the detractors’ ire, it doesn’t really establish why they hate the font so much. (Besides, we all know that if it weren’t for Comic, Ransom would take over.)
  • Coming soon from Random House: the e-book equivalent of DVD special features.
  • Vladimir Nabokov’s final book to be published in November.
  • Proving the seven-figure book deal isn’t dead “ in Asia, at least “ a debut novelist receives a sizable advance from Penguin India.
  • The top-ten forgotten Pulitzer-prize winners.