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Richard Poplak and more in the May Q&Q

Jet-setting author Richard Poplak travelled to 17 different countries to research his latest book, which looks at the influence of American pop culture in the Muslim world, and he’s Q&Q‘s cover subject in the May 2009 issue. Also in the issue, we look at the surprising success of Harlequin Enterprises at 60 and at how print-on-demand is changing the bookstore of the future. Our Library Special Report examines the tricky task of putting Canada’s archival history online. Plus reviews of new books by Colin McAdam, Emily Schultz, Giles Blunt, Lynn Johnston, Barry Callaghan, and more.

Pop goes the world
Richard Poplak bets that tawdry TV and banal bubblegum can bring cultures together

Print-on-demand: The dream and the reality
The bookstore of the future, and why POD machines are waiting for books in the present

Love wins out
While other major publishers are bleeding money, Harlequin Enterprises is raking it in. How the firm has managed to beat the odds

History, bit by bit
What’s the best way to put our national heritage online?
AND MORE IN THE LIBRARY SPECIAL REPORT: Coping with rising patron demand, and learning to LOL at the reference desk


  • Ninety minutes with Stuart Ross
  • Comedy is easy, kidlit is hard
  • The adventures of Pierre Turgeon: a timeline
  • Cover to Cover: Lauren Kirshner’s Where We Have to Go
  • Snapshot: Alexandra Moore of Word on the Street
  • Breakwater unbroken
  • David Bezmozgis moves from control to collaboration


  • Heaven Is Small by Emily Schultz
  • Though You Were Dead by Terry Griggs
  • The English Stories by Cynthia Flood
  • Plus more fiction, non-fiction, and poetry


  • Dance Baby Dance by Andrea Spalding
  • Dracula Madness by Mary Labatt and Jo Rioux
  • Soccer Sabotage by Liam O’Donnell and Mike Deas
  • Swim the Fly by Don Calame
  • Plus more fiction, non-fiction, and picture books


Lesley Choyce
does the math on three decades in writing