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Fearing the death of print? Dave Eggers will cheer you up!

If you’re in the publishing industry, surely you’ve had nightmares about the death of print. Dave Eggers, author and editor of McSweeney’s, wants to calm your troubled mind and has promised to do so by personally e-mailing anyone worried about the future of the printed word.

At a New York Authors Guild event held in his honour earlier this week, Eggers made this pledge to prove worrywarts wrong, reports GalleyCat:

I actually have established an e-mail address, [email protected] “ if you want to take it down “ if you are ever feeling down, if you are ever despairing, if you ever think publishing is dying or print is dying or books are dying or newspapers are dying (the next issue of McSweeney’s will be a newspaper “ we’re going to prove that it can make it. It comes out in September). If you ever have any doubt, e-mail me, and I will buck you up and prove to you that you’re wrong.

Any nervous print types out there care to test his vow?