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Forcing books on politicians, Lesley Choyce edition

In a similar vein to Yann Martel’s book barrage on Harper, Lesley Choyce, author and publisher of Pottersfield Press, plans to hand-deliver copies of his new book Nova Scotia: Visions of the Future to all provincial MHAs and federal MPs in the province. According to Choyce, the purpose of the book, which was released in May, is to set in motion an action plan to help improve Nova Scotia. From the Pottersfield Press web site:

In the summer of 2008, Pottersfield publisher Lesley Choyce sent a letter to a select and varied list of Nova Scotians asking them to contribute to a book about this province’s future. … He invited many Nova Scotians to write anything they wanted to, hoping contributors would cover environment, technology, immigration, social aspects, urban life, rural life, energy, politics, government, family, economics, forests, the ocean and much more. The bolder the vision, the better. Stories and personal aspects were okay. Controversial ideas were fine. Which future? Anything beyond ten years and up to a thousand.

The initiative will also coincide with Pottersfield’s 30th anniversary. Choyce intends to personally confront his province’s leaders in the second week of July.


June 16th, 2009

11:24 am

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