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Fawcett and Rand: friends forever

When famous people die, you never know what murky details from their personal lives will come to light. In the most recent spate of celebrity deaths, some of the most amusing “ and yet, benign “ details to emerge have had a literary bent: apparently, Michael Jackson was a close reader of Emerson, Freud, and Jung. It also turns out that Farrah Fawcett and Ayn Rand were friends. From The Daily Beast:

[H]ere are a few things that almost no one knew about Fawcett:

1) Fawcett and the writer Ayn Rand shared a birthday, February 2.

2) Rand, the inventor of the philosophical system called Objectivism, never missed an episode of Charlie’s Angels. She was such a Fawcett fan, in fact, that she sought to cast the actress as the lead in a planned TV miniseries version of her best-known work, the gargantuan novel Atlas Shrugged. (NBC later scrapped the project).

3) Rand, perhaps better than anyone else, helped Fawcett understand her place in American culture.