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To Kill a Mockingbird yanked at Brampton high school

Here we go again.

From the Toronto Star:

The classic literary novel To Kill a Mockingbird is being pulled from the Grade 10 English course at a Brampton high school after a parent complained about the use of a racial epithet in the book.

Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, which challenges racial injustice in America’s Deep South, will be removed from curriculum at St. Edmund Campion Secondary School following a …

… wait for it ….

… lone complaint from a parent whose child will be in Grade 10 this September.

Prigger, please “ school boards are always in a tough spot when it comes to parental complaints, but there must be some way of heading off lone bigmouths. On the other hand, maybe protecting classic literature from priggish busybodies is not their first concern. After all, here’s what Bruce Campbell, spokesman for the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board (and not the star of the Evil Dead movies), said about pulling the novel: “The school administration was aware of the parent’s concern and made the decision to use another board-approved resource that teaches the same concept for the coming year.” Always nice to hear books spoken of with such raw passion “ what child doesn’t like to curl up with a good board-approved resource?

Elsewhere in book-banning news, a Jewish group in Germany wants that country’s ban on Mein Kampf lifted, so that a new edition, with “scholarly commentaries that would educate future generations on the evils of Nazism,” can be published. The German gov’t says it won’t budge on the ban, but if it did, it’d be a nice bit of historical irony, wouldn’t it?


August 12th, 2009

11:01 am

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