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Bookmarks: The Tao of Wu, zombie hunter S. Thompson, and St. Anne of Green Gables

Sundry links from around the Web:

  • Following in the footsteps of Kanye West and 50 Cent, NPR reports that The Wu-Tang Clan’s Robert F. Diggs (aka The RZA) is the latest rap artist to pen an inspirational book. The title: The Tao of Wu
  • Halloween is just around the corner. Need a costume idea? Check out these literary-themed costumes. Zombie Hunter S. Thompson, anyone?
  • Speaking of zombies, the Oxford University Press blog discusses our culture’s obsession with the dark and monstrous
  • Think the new Where the Wild Things Are movie is too scary for children? “Go to hell … or wet your pants,” author Maurice Sendak tells parents
  • Portuguese writer and Nobel laureate Jose Saramago says the Bible is a “manual of bad morals”
  • St. Anne? The CBC reports on an Ottawa exhibition, the Canadian Martyrdom Series, that portrays Anne of Green Gables as a martyr