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Barnes & Noble e-books are coming to town

B&N announced yesterday that beginning around Dec. 1, Canadian customers will have access to the U.S. retailer’s e-book store and will be able to download titles to their iPhones, BlackBerrys, etc. However, B&N’s own e-reader, the Nook, will remain unavailable in Canada.

From B&N’s website:

We are not selling Nook in Canada (or anywhere outside of the United States) at this time. If you’re using a Nook in Canada, you will be able to sync your B&N eBooks library and access our eBook store via Wi-Fi.

We know there’s an incredible interest from readers who want to buy them from our eBook store outside the United States, and we are looking at our options for international sales. 





November 10th, 2009

3:12 pm

Category: Book news

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