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Caillou’s mom won’t let it go

Though the long and bitter custody battle over Caillou, that loveable and very bankable little character, has long been settled, it’s clear that bitter feelings remain. Though Hélène Desputeaux, who first drew the grapefruit-headed munchkin, and Christine L’Heureux of Éditions Chouette, who wrote some of the early stories, agreed to split royalties back in 2005, after being told by a court-appointed arbitrator back in 1997 that each could claim to be the boy’s “mother” (Caillou has two moms!), Desputeaux still takes every opportunity to make clear the  boy is hers.

Q&Q recently received a press release from desputeaux + aubin, the company Desputeaux set up with her husband, Michel Aubin, to publish her books, trumpeting a new, 20th anniversary edition of the first Caillou book. In it, we counted no less than 10 references to Caillou’s “genuine” lineage. Fun activity time: see if you can find them all!

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November 18th, 2009

3:26 pm

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