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Amazon doesn’t want to get physical

Rumours that Amazon U.K. might be considering opening bricks-and-mortar stores have been greatly exaggerated, according to an Amazon spokesperson. Over the weekend, the Sunday Times published an article suggesting Amazon was “planning a surprise invasion of the British high street”:

Property landlords said that the American company, which has a market value of $59.1 billion (£35.6 billion), had launched a secret search for bricks-and-mortar stores to support its rapidly growing website. It is understood to be scouring the country for high-profile sites just as the Borders book chain is shutting up shop.

No sooner had the rumours begun circulating on the Internet than a spokesperson for Amazon announced that there was absolutely no truth to them. The ABC News website cites an unnamed Amazon spokesman asserting that the company “has no plans to open stores anywhere in the world.”

The article concludes by saying:

The Amazon spokesman declined to comment any further on the report, including whether it could partner with retailers, or its future plans.