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Bookmarks: Apple Tablet rumours, books banned on airplanes, and more

A few bookish links from across the Web:

  • The rumoured Apple Tablet comes closer to reality: the new product, potentially called iSlate, is expected to be unveiled on Jan. 26 in San Francisco
  • Danger! Apparently, books and magazines pose a security threat to airplanes. They have been banned as carry-ons by Transport Canada until further notice
  • Hobbit-lovers, mount your high horses: The Guardian‘s Andrew Brown turns his blog into a place to discuss the literary demerits of Lord of the Rings
  • The Onion on adults who get slightly overexcited by children’s picture books, including the gem Green Man, Blue Cat
  • Katherine Paterson, author of The Bridge to Terabithia, has been named the national ambassador for young people’s literature in the U.S.