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A $710 photo collection to go on sale this month

It may not be the world’s priciest volume, but the leather-bound, silk-wrapped $710 (£445) Jimmy Page collection, to be released on Sept. 27, is causing a stir. The Led Zeppelin guitarist personally selected the autobiographical photos that will appear in the book. It will be a hefty creation, with a total of 650-plus images. Genesis Publications will print only 2,500 copies, which will be sold worldwide. According to the CBC:

News of the massive tome with its equally heavy price tag has angered some fans, but the reclusive musician defended his book saying he wanted to do something of quality and not just a book of musings.

“I thought it would be quite interesting to do a photographic autobiography ¦ a career in pictures,” said the 66-year-old guitarist in a statement on Friday posted on the publisher’s website.


September 14th, 2010

5:46 pm

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