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Amazon finds a new way to promote Kindle titles

This Tuesday, Amazon unveiled a Beta test of its new Kindle for the Web, an application allowing users to read and embed the first chapters of selected Kindle titles online. Accessible from Amazon’s individual book overview pages, Kindle for the Web is a free program requiring no downloads or program installations. Through the Amazon Associates program, it even offers referral fees to bloggers embedding Kindle book samples on their personal sites.

Unlike Amazon’s Search Inside the Book, which shows a scanned copy of the physical book, the new application shows the Kindle edition. According to Amazon:

We help our customers discover and sample books to ensure that they’ll be satisfied with their purchases. Our agreements with publishers and copyright holders currently limit how much of the book is available for preview. We continue to work with publishers to expand these limits.

Galleycat reports: Digital Book World tweeted this morning: ˜This may actually qualify as game-changing.'” With easily-accessible previews of Kindle titles embedded on non-Amazon websites, the application will, likely, provide simple and effective marketing for the digital publications.


September 28th, 2010

4:28 pm

Category: Book news

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