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Gabriel García Márquez’s speeches to be published this month

Italian publisher Mondadori will release Gabriel García Márquez’s newest book in Spain and Latin America at the end of October, reports the Latin American Herald Tribune. The new work, titled Yo no vengo a decir un discurso (I Didn’t Come to Give a Speech), features 22 speeches written by Márquez between 1944 and 2007. Márquez says that the collection demonstrates his growth as an author. The addresses include one written when Márquez was a high school student and one prepared when he received the Nobel Prize for literature. According to the Latin American Herald Tribune:

“I didn’t come to give a speech,” a phrase that García Márquez selected to be the title of the book, was the statement he made early in his remarks to his schoolmates at the 1944 graduation ceremony, when he was 17.


October 6th, 2010

12:53 pm

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