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Event photos: Firefly Books at the Hockey Hall of Fame

On Friday, Toronto’s Hockey Hall of Fame unveiled its new Spirit of Hockey retail store, part of a $3.5-million expansion of the museum’s storefront and exhibition space. The occasion coincided with the launch of a new hockey-themed series produced for the HHF by Firefly Books. The first two titles are Hockey Hall of Fame Book of Goalies and Official Guide to the Players of the Hockey Hall of Fame. (Photos courtesy of Firefly Books)

Former Toronto Maple Leaf right-winger and current HHF director of public affairs Ron Ellis displays Firefly’s Book of Goalies (left) and checks the official players’ guide for some of his former teammates.

Three Hall of Famers “ Billy Smith, Johnny Bower, and Peter Stastny “ sign books for expectant fans. In the top right corner, Firefly president Lionel Koffler waits his turn.

At a separate event on Nov. 3, Firefly launched another hockey-themed title: Toronto Maple Leafs: Diary of a Dynasty: 1957“1967. The four co-authors are pictured here. From left to right: Roly Harris, Paul Patskou, Kevin Shea, and Paul Bruno.

The evening’s master of ceremonies, Brian McFarlane, with the master of “clearing the track,” Eddie Shack.


November 8th, 2010

5:38 pm

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