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Quebec National Assembly protests Bill C-32

As Q&Q has previously reported, the debate over Bill C-32, the copyright modernization act now being reviewed by legislative committee, is heating up, with writer and publisher groups speaking out in support of the rights of content creators.

Now, as representatives from the publishing industry engage in a lobbying blitz in Ottawa, Quebec’s National Assembly has unanimously voted against the legislation in a motion that proposes amendments to key aspects of the bill. According to The Hill Times The Wire Report, the motion calls for a personal copying levy on digital media players:

That the National Assembly recognize the crucial role of content creators and the importance of intellectual property in the economic model of Québec arts and culture, the motion says.

That it concur in the concerns of the artistic milieu, particularly in music and literary publishing, and ask the Federal Government to modify as often as necessary Bill C-32 on copyright, to ensure Québec creators the full recognition of their rights, adequate protection against illegal copying of their works, the application of the private copying principle, and income in accordance with the value of their intellectual property.

The House of Commons legislative committee on Bill C-32 held its first meeting on Tuesday. According to The Hill Times The Wire Report, the bill won’t be ready for third reading until February at the earliest.


November 25th, 2010

2:13 pm

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