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Ronnie Spector to Keith Richards: “I’m not your sister morphine.”

Ronnie Spector is obviously not lacking in the ego department. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the former Ronettes lead singer was furious when she read Keith Richards’ tell-all autobiography, Life, and came across a passage talking about how the Rolling Stones guitarist used to do drugs with someone named Ronnie:

“It was never like that with Keith and me. It was always very innocent. It wasn’t all about ‘let’s get in the bed’ with him. I never had sex with him or anything like that…. We may have kissed, I don’t remember. It was 40 years ago,” Spector told Vanity Fair.

“I was skimming through it the other day, and he’s talking about Ronnie, and I think, ‘Oh, he must mean me. I’ll read this.’ And then he writes, ‘We went in the bathroom and did drugs.’ I was like, ‘Keith! I never did drugs! What are you saying?'”

Turns out the singer’s ire was misplaced: the “Ronnie” in question was Richards’ bandmate Ronnie Wood.