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Book biz roundup: Yann Martel calls it quits; HarperCollins “friends” teen talent; playwrights get a hand from Harold Pinter; and more

  • Yann Martel, “tired of using books as political bullets and grenades,” quits his book club
  • Jeff Lemire, Kate Beaton, and Conundrum Press among nominees for Joe Shuster Awards
  • HarperCollins to publish crowdsourced novel by teen
  • Apple’s App Store gives Sony the boot
  • London’s Royal Court Theatre announces new Harold Pinter Playwright’s Award
  • This Saturday is Save our Libraries Day in England. “We Love Libraries” is a video made to fuel the flames of protest. It’s even got a hip-hop soundtrack…
  • Authorities in Idaho finally catch up to the condiment bandit, the natural enemy of state-wide library drop boxes