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Final Jeopardy book buzzes in before contest is over

Talk about being quick on the buzzer. As former Jeopardy champs Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings face-off against the computer named Watson once again tonight, there is already an e-book available about the television contest, which pits human knowledge against the IBM super-computer. Final Jeopardy: Man vs. Machine and the Quest to Know Everything, by Stephen Baker, will be released as an e-book this evening, even before the conclusion of the three-day match on Feb. 16.

From Jacket Copy:

When … the match is over, the book will be finished. People who’ve purchased the e-book already will get an update with the last of the material that tells the story of the showdown. New e-book buyers will get the whole thing.

And publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt says the hardcover version of the book, with the new material about the match, will follow very soon.


February 15th, 2011

5:18 pm

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