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Ulysses to be rewritten on Twitter

On June 16, James Joyce devotees across the world celebrate Bloomsday, the day on which Joyce’s novel Ulysses take place.  Bloomsday is traditionally observed with readings and re-enactments from the famous work, but if you’re really feeling up for a challenge, the deadline for volunteers to sign up for the  “Ulysses Meets Twitter 2011” experiment has been extended to May 30.

A man simply known as “Stephen from Baltimore” is using his website to recruit a “brave cast” to tip their hats to Joyce’s masterpiece in 140 characters or less. Stephen has divided the book into 96 segments and requests that participants write four to six tweets from their selected section. Then on June 16, he will unleash “Bloomsday Bursts” every 15 minutes from his Twitter account, starting at 8 a.m. (Dublin time) over 24 hours.

The organizer plans to make this Bloomsday tribute more creative than a trite regurgitation of the text. He writes on his website:

“This is not an attempt to tweet mindlessly the entire contents of Ulysses, word-for-word, 140 characters at a time. That would be dull and impossible. What is proposed here is a recasting or a reimagining of the reading experience of this novel, start to finish, within the confines of a day-long series of tweets from a global volunteer army of Joyce-sodden tweeps.”