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Review: D.J. McIntosh’s The Witch of Babylon

This review of D.J. McIntosh’s new novel, The Witch of Babylon, appeared in the July/August issue of Q&Q.

Reviewer Cori Dusmann writes:

The debut novel from Toronto writer D.J. McIntosh “ the first book in the Mesopotamian Trilogy “ is a far-reaching, ambitious endeavour that links the dark underside of international art dealing and the brutal looting of historic sites and museums in war-torn Iraq following the 2003 invasion. Called an antiquities thriller, The Witch of Babylon, which won the 2008 Arthur Ellis Award for best unpublished crime novel, combines ancient and modern political, religious, and art history in a fast-paced plot that spans several countries and cultures.

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Read McIntosh’s “Last Word” essay on the ethics of historical events in fiction, also from the July/August issue of Q&Q

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