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Richard Ford goes Canadiana

HarperCollins Canada announced Thursday that they will be publishing iconic American writer Richard Ford’s new novel, Canada, next May.

The novel follows young Dell Parsons as devastating circumstances force him to leave Montana and seek refuge in Saskatchewan. Dell is taken in by a mysterious man who is also escaping his American past.

HarperCollins’ announcement of the deal included a comment from the author:

Seeing this book published in Canada will be an honour for me and a bit of a cherished dream, since Canada played a significant part in my life for a long time, and plays a central role in the novel.

HaperCollins Canada vice president, publisher, and editor-in-chief, Iris Tulpholme says in the press release that Canada is a “departure from Ford’s beloved Bascombe trilogy, but also a return to the landscapes of his earlier fiction.” She also suggests that this may not be the last novel Ford sets north of the 49th parallel. “We are thrilled to be publishing the first of Ford’s novels to be set in this country.”


August 5th, 2011

11:40 am

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