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Amazon to publish Deepak Chopra memoir

Internationally best-selling author Deepak Chopra has signed a deal to publish an upcoming memoir with Amazon. The book will be titled Brotherhood: A Tale of Faith, Big Dreams, and the Power of Persistence, and will be co-authored with Chopra’s brother, Sanjiv Chopra.

The deal was negotiated by Trident Media Group, the same company behind the recent $800,000 (U.S.) sale of Hollywood actor/director Penny Marshall’s upcoming memoir to Amazon. Galleycat quotes Trident chair Robert Gottlieb as saying that the deal with Chopra is a “game-changer” for Amazon’s nascent publishing arm.

The New York Observer describes Brotherhood as the inspiring story of two brothers who arrived penniless in America in 1972 and their journey to realizing their dreams.

Chopra, who has several upcoming books (and an eponymous imprint) with Crown Publishing, is quoted in the Observer as being “thrilled” that “Amazon, who reaches the world directly, is our publisher.

Meanwhile, on the Canadian blog Salty Ink, author Chad Pelley questions whether booksellers such as Amazon and the Indigo-owned Kobo, which recently announced it was getting into the (self-)publishing business, should be acting as publishers at all: “[T]he whole thing is gross and incestuous. It’s like Pepsi and Doritos buying a grocery store and claiming they’ll still stock Coke and Lays.”