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Academic librarians experience small salary bump in 2010-2011

Academic librarians in Canada enjoyed a small salary increase from 2010“2011, according to a recent industry study. The Association of Research Libraries released its annual salary review on Tuesday. The report finds the median salary for Canadian academic librarians increased by 2 per cent since 2009“2010, from $80,654 to $82,251. It also shows that Canadians made more than their American counterparts, who experienced a median salary raise of 1.5 per cent, from $64,069 to $65,000 (U.S.). Salary raises were greatest at non-university research libraries, with the highest salary, $103,872 (U.S.), reported at the Library of Congress.

It’s not all good news though. The Library Journal reports 2010’s raise as the smallest salary jump in Canada since 2005, when earnings dipped by 0.3 per cent.

The association also found persistent concerns regarding wage parity and ethnic diversity. At ARL university libraries in the U.S., women make up 62 per cent of professional staff and earn about 5 per cent less than their male co-workers. Racial and ethnic minorities make up only 14.2 per cent of library workers in this sector.

More than 13,700 professional staffers from ARL’s 125 member libraries in Canada and the U.S. reported earnings for the survey.