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Classic Newfoundland novel Hold Fast to become a film

The classic 1978 Newfoundland coming-of-age novel Hold Fast, written by Kevin Major, will make the jump from the page to screen next year in a film written by Rosemary House and directed by Justin Simms. The film stars Douglas Sullivan, Avery Ash, Aiden Flynn, and Molly Parker.

The novel tells the story of Michael (played by Ash), who must leave his small-town home for the big city after his parents die in a car accident.

Ash, 14, and Sullivan, 12, were cast after months of auditions throughout Newfoundland. Major has visited the set since shooting began last month. CBC quotes him saying:

It’s very gratifying to think that a book that’s almost 35 years old now is still on the go, still being read by people, still appreciated by people. I hope it speaks to the story, that it’s a universal story ¦ And maybe it will reach a whole new group of people. I’m hoping that, anyway.

Hold Fast, funded by Telefilm Canada and the Newfoundland and Labrador Film Development Corp., will be produced by Rock Island Productions and Markham Street Films. It is set for release in Canada and internationally next year.