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Peter Scowen outs himself as Globe & Mail’s “Caption Writing Person”

In 2011, when a Globe and Mail online gallery of hilariously captioned celebrity photos went viral (thanks to some well-placed Occupy Wall Street references), there was plenty of speculation as to the identity of its snarky author.

For several years it seemed as if Caption Writing Person, as the writer was then known, was determined to keep fans in the dark. Until today, when G&M Focus section* editor Peter Scowen revealed himself to be the masked captioner, before committing Twittercide.

Caption Writing Person

Scowen is also the best-selling author of Rogue Nation: The America the Rest of the World Knows, a decidely serious investigation of U.S. foreign policy, published in 2003 by McClelland & Stewart.


*Correction, May 6, 2014: Scowen was previously a web editor with the G&M. He is now employed as an editor in the newspaper’s Focus section.



May 6th, 2014

4:29 pm

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