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Toronto Star donates a century’s worth of photographs to Toronto Public Library

Toronto Public Library has unveiled a massive new photo archive donated by Toronto Star. The archive, which consists of more than 1 million print photographs taken from 1900 to 1999, is held at the Toronto Reference Library and accessible to patrons as of July 7. A selection will be available via the library’s digital archive at a later date.

At a presentation this morning, special collections, archives, and digital archives manager Mary Rae Shantz said the donation is “a huge addition to TPL’s documentary art collection.” Prior to receiving the Toronto Star’s donation, the library’s collection held about 80,000 photographs, and Shantz says TPL is actively seeking to acquire more materials. Efforts to digitize the collection are ongoing and, so far, TPL has digitized approximately 144,000 photographs from the Toronto Star archive.

Starting tomorrow, several photos will be displayed on the Reference Library’s second floor.

Click through the slideshow for a selection from TPL’s new collection.