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Concordia University responds to accusations of sexual misconduct by English department members

Concordia University has released a statement in response to an essay by Montreal writer and Concordia alum Mike Spry, posted on his website CanLit Accountable. In his essay, titled “Toxic Masculinity, Concordia, and CanLit,” Spry claims that while he was a student at the university he was “witness to the abuse of power and the normalization of sexualization of students by professors, writers, editors, and publishers.” He goes on to write, “In my fourteen-year association with Concordia and CanLit I have been witness to and made aware of innumerable instances of unwanted affection, groping, inappropriate remarks, and propositions.”

In the statement, Concordia president Alan Shepard responded to the essay by saying, “I am disturbed by what I read in the blog post. These allegations are serious, and will be treated seriously.” Shepard does not provide specifics as to how the allegations will be addressed.

Spry did not respond to Q&Q‘s inquiries about the essay or any future plans for the website.


January 9th, 2018

4:04 pm

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