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Book “nerds” rule the day at the Kids’ Lit Quiz

This year’s national championships for the Kids’ Lit Quiz will take place at St. Clements School, on Feb 8, at 7 p.m. For the uninitiated, this international competition brings together school teams of young readers aged 10–14 to answer questions based on any children’s book published in English. Qualifying rounds have been taking place over the last few months – and at the Toronto qualifier on Feb. 5, a Kids’ Lit Quiz world record was set with 94 teams competing in one gymnasium. Bowmore Road Public School won that round and will move on to the national finals. At that Toronto event, authors Natale Ghent, Kevin Sylvester, Richard Scrimger, and Kevin Sands comprised a special guest team named “Book ‘Em Dano.” They shared their thoughts on the event with Q&Q:

“Every child in the room impressed me; they were all there to compete and they were pumped. Some of the teams wore matching costumes which added to the excitement. The event was well organized and well run – lots of dedication and passion there. It was thrilling to be part of such a great event. We even managed to place in the top 5 – a total shock because the kids are amazing – ha ha!” –Natale Ghent (No Small Thing)

“The event was, obviously, a blast. Packing that many book-crazed kids into a room! It’s amazing to see the “nerds” get the attention they deserve, especially with the huge cheering sections that were there. The costumes are also amazing. Kids dressed as kings and queens, wizards, squirrels. And then the cheers when the kids get a right answer? DEAFENING.” –Kevin Sylvester (MiNRS)

“Big high-ceilinged room full of noisy nerds. Ninety-four teams from schools across the city. Lots of costumes  mice, cats, Hermiones, Scaredys, Hatters. Quizmaster Wayne combines genial grampa and excited lit fanboy. Favourite moments are when the answers are read aloud and the room got it right. There’s a huge murmur of triumph. The mood all morning is fun, festive, mutually supportive. No matter the score, we have all won.  Everyone in the room loves story. This is our church.” –Richard Scrimger (Downside Up)

“It’s a brilliant event: fun, friends, costumes, challenges, and a ton of smart kids rattling off answers that frequently leave the authors in the dust. Seeing grinning faces and fingers held up in triumph as they count their scores is an absolute delight—and it’s all in support of reading. It’s one of my favourite events of the year.” –Kevin Sands