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HarperCollins continues with Londonstani blitz

The Londonstani promotional juggernaut thunders onward and, according to a Globe and Mail story, has now rolled into a couple of GTA theatres.

The appearance of Londonstani‘s book trailer at “the Albion in Etobicoke and the Woodside in Scarborough may mark the first time a book trailer has played alongside the rest of the coming attractions at the movies,” according to the article.

HarperCollins chose the theatres due to their specialization in Bollywood flicks. Says the story: “‘We wanted to make sure the core audience for this book would know about it,’ said Shelley Tangney, marketing manager at HarperCollins Canada. ‘There’s definitely a younger audience that we’re somewhat targeting. The author is young, and the whole point of this book is to be quite edgy.'”

According to the Globe, the response was very so-so, with patrons confused about what the spots were advertising (a problem HarperCollins hopes to remedy by adding “available wherever books are sold” to future trailers) or not remembering seeing the trailer at all.

Still, HarperCollins is planning a trailer for Vikram Chandra’s Sacred Games for the two theatres for the winter, and is toying with the idea of going national with the campaign. The Globe story ends with the humorous quote from Tangney: “Some fiction books don’t lend themselves as well to a trailer. With some, you really have to read the book.”

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