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Book prices for pundits

As New York Times critic Dwight Garner highlights on his blog, Abebooks is reporting on its website that collectible editions of Barack Obama’s Dreams from My Father, the Democrat hopeful’s 1995 autobiography, have sold through the site for as much as $1,798. Garner has also dug up one ad in which a Nashville-based bookseller is asking a whopping $2,889 for a signed first edition of the memoir.

Abebooks is also reporting that Hillary Clinton’s memoir, Living History, has sold for as much as $575. At the time of this writing, a quick search of the site revealed that some booksellers are now asking just over $1,100 for the title.

Of course, it would be foolish to think that speculation among rare book collectors has any bearing on the presidential primary currently underway in New Hampshire “ but still, it is an entertaining notion. And as the Abebooks article duly points out, things aren’t looking good for John Edwards:

Rounding out the top three Democrat candidates is John Edwards and his memoir Four Trials. Signed copies can be picked up for a bargain price of just $99.