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Bookstore beauties

The Guardian has put together a list of the 10 prettiest looking bookstores in the world, and though not all of their selections are eye-poppers, they’ve certainly found some doozies. The first two, in particular “ located in Denmark and Argentina “ are extry splendid, but it has to be noted that they were converted from old cathedrals and theatres, which is kind of cheating.

We’re sorry to report that no Canadian shops made the cut, but then, a full three of the 10 shops are in the U.K., so clearly there’s a bit of bias going on. This Quillblogger actually prefers the small and cozy sort of shops to the grand and imposing ones, two particular faves being Toronto’s elegant Theatre Books and Halifax’s low-ceilinged, overstuffed comic shop Strange Adventures.

Feel free to nominate any of your own personal favourites in the comments section below.