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Borders launches Borders.com (again)

Back in 2001, when the dot-com boom went bust, the U.S. bookstore chain Borders decided to get out of the online bookselling biz and scrapped Borders.com. Now, however, they seem to have thought better of the move and are taking another go.

According to ChannelWeb:

The relaunch of Borders.com is the latest in a series of e-commerce moves by Borders. In December of 2007, Borders teamed up with Sony to offer over 25,000 e-books online to customers for digital download.

As part of the new Borders.com, Borders is hyping the personalized “Magic Shelf” feature, which displays book titles customized to each user on a virtual bookshelf that looks much like a shelf in a brick-and-mortar bookstore. Borders is also incorporating its “Staff Picks” into the online store, and allowing Borders Rewards members to earn points through online purchases.

In addition to an extensive inventory of 2 million new books, 100,000 movies, and 400,000 CDs, Borders is also offering second-hand and rare books through its “Borders Marketplace” in a partnership with Alibris.com.

Incidentally, it looks like they do ship to Canada, although with added service charges. You can see their shipping rates here.