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Little Sister’s profiled

The Globe and Mail has posted an interesting interview with Jim Deva, one of the proprietors of Little Sister’s Book & Art Emporium in Vancouver, in which he explains his reasons for wanting to sell the store. Some of Deva’s most interesting comments, however, have to do with the origins of the store. Like this extract:

G&M: Where did you get the money to open the store?

DEVA: I was raised on a farm in rural Alberta. My father was very, very right wing. I told him I wanted to open a bookstore. I didn’t give any more specifics. He gave me a small amount of money, which I paid back. But he had no idea that he was financing the first gay bookstore in Western Canada. About three years later, he came to town and he had a conniption. I got disinherited, couldn’t go back to my family. But my father eventually died, and now I do go home and it’s very nice.