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Surprise! Kindle sales of Lost Symbol vastly overrated

Last week, when Amazon trumpeted the news that first-day Kindle sales for Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol were actually higher than print sales, pundits predictably went to town with the usual “death of the book” routine. Now that the first week of sales has been tabulated, however, it looks like the news was much ado about nothing. According to The Business Insider:

The Lost Symbol sold just 100,000 in e-books format according to Doubleday. Overall Doubleday sold 2 milllion copies. The 5% ratio of e-books to print is about in-line with the average for book sales.

The first day sales of The Lost Symbol were better on the Kindle than in print for Amazon, so if there’s good news for the young e-book industry, it’s that people like to buy books right away on their Kindles. Other than that, there’s nothing much to crow about.


September 23rd, 2009

10:59 am

Category: Bookselling

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