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Way to Display! Kenk at Type Books

The display for Kenk: A Graphic Portrait (PopSandbox), written by Richard Poplak and illustrated by Nick Marinkovich, at Type Books on Toronto’s Queen Street West (just steps away from the storefront out of which the notorious Igor Kenk ran his bike-fencing biz), is a full-on visual smorgasbord of book pages, film loops, and spinning bike parts. The display was put together by Craig Small, who is at work on a companion movie. (Photo courtesy of Type Books/From the Q&Q Flickr Pool)

Small (left) and Poplak (on bike, dressed like an ice cream vendor from the near future) in front of Type. (Photo by Nick Marinkovich)

[As part of Quillblog’s ongoing commitment to filling our site with ephemera, sundries, and both flotsam and jetsam from around the book world, we have instituted a semi-regular feature entitled Way to Display!, in which we feature striking and eye-catching window displays (or, indeed, interior displays) from bookstores across the country. If you have seen a great display (or have just made one yourself), feel free to send it our way. Dropping them in our Flickr pool is one way to get the pictures to us, or you can e-mail them directly to nwhitlock at quillandquire.com.]