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Titles Bookstore in Peterborough to close

Peterborough, Ontario, is set to lose another bookshop this season. Titles Bookstore, an independent bookseller in the city’s downtown core, will close in May, just shy of its 25th anniversary.

Owners Anne and Dave Heuft tell the Peterborough Examiner they’re being forced out after their landlord, looking to expand into their unit, failed to renew the lease.

We didn’t want to move, [Anne] Heuft said. First of all, moving is expensive. We’ve moved three times before, and every time you move, you lose some customers. And we’re getting older, so we made the decision to close.”

The Heufts opened Titles as a children’s bookstore in 1987, and have since expanded into general fiction and non-fiction.

From the Examiner:

The closure leaves only Chapters and Walmart, as well as pharmacies and convenience stores, selling new-release books in the city.

Titles is the second bookstore in the city to announce its closure this month. On April 2, Quillblog reported that Emmaus Family Bookstore, the city’s only Christian book and giftshop, would be shuttered this spring.


April 27th, 2012

3:44 pm

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