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Indie booksellers contribute to Calgary’s flood recovery

Calgary independent bookseller Pages on Kensington was left unscathed by last week’s floods, but store owner Simone Lee knows many others weren’t as lucky.

This offer was posted on Pages’ Facebook page:

This is small, but what we can handle. We know that you are just starting to go through your stuff, but make a list of your books that you have lost, and bring it to us before July 9, and we will see if we can replace them at cost. No shipping charges, natch.

Galiano Island Books in B.C. is showing support for Calgary bookseller Owl’s Nest Bookstore. Co-owners Lee Trentadue and James Schmidt posted this note on the store’s Facebook page:

This Saturday, June 29th, Galiano Island Books will be splitting the proceeds of our sales with Owl’s Nest Bookstore in Calgary, Alberta, which is suffering from the loss of sales due to the flooding in their area. Please come in and help us support another fantastic independent bookstore (and one of my fellow nominees for the Libris Bookstore of the Year award.)

Update, June 26: According to Lee Trentadue, Ella Minnow Children’s Bookstore owner Heather Kuipers is behind the idea, and will also be participating in the fundraiser.