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Toronto’s Cookbook Store building sold for condos

For more than three decades, The Cookbook Store has been a major supporter of the Canadian food-publishing sector, while playing host to some of the world’s biggest culinary names, including Julia Child, Martha Stewart, and Anthony Bourdain. Now, six months after the Toronto shop’s 30th anniversary and two years after it established a cooking studio, comes word that its home is being sold to developers.

According to an email from longtime manager Alison Fryer, a banner advertising condominiums will be hung on the iconic Yonge St. building today, but that doesn’t mean the end of the store. “We have lots of irons in the fire,” she says.

In a press release from Fryer and owner Josh Josephson, the two say they’re considering “a number of options to relocate the store.”

“As a leader in the world of cookbooks, and culinary events for over 30 years, we will be building on our past successes as well as creating new initiatives in an exciting and vibrant new environment.  We look forward to updating you all on these developments as we are able to release the information,” says Fryer.

In 1983, Josephson and Barbara Caffery took over the defunct Books for Cooks and hired Fryer as manager. In a April interview with Q&Q, Fryer said, “You’re always having to reinvent yourself as a bookstore.”



October 25th, 2013

2:41 pm

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