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Winnipeg’s Mondragon bookstore to close

After 18 years in business, lefty Winnipeg café and alternative bookstore Mondragón will close on Jan. 26.

Currently run by a collective of five members, the shop was named after a Basque town in northern Spain known for its worker-owned co-operatives.

Mondragón customer Paul Graham told CBC that the loss of the store will be difficult. “It’s a place where over the almost 20 years, people have come together for book launches, meetings and socials ““ one of those places that really doesn’t have a counterpart in Winnipeg.”

In an interview with the Winnipeg Free Press, Mondragón representative Cora Wiens said, “We’ve had a rough year, a rough couple of years, financially. I think a lot of people are really sad about it and are now realizing what this place has meant.”



January 21st, 2014

6:12 pm

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