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Last-minute gift ideas: indie booksellers hand-pick travel books

Every fall, independent booksellers and publishers work together to promote a range of new titles published in Canada and internationally. Books for Everybody is a hand-picked selection of books for all interests, including young readers. Here are some highlights from the catalogues that provide great last-minute ideas for gifts and stocking stuffers.


Canadian Geographic Biggest and Best of Canada: 1000 Facts & Figures
Aaron Kylie
(Firefly Books)

Over 1,000 firsts, facts and feats portraying the abundant superlatives that make Canadians proud. People, places and achievements are documented by 500 colour photos, charts and lists.
$24.95 pa, 500 colour photos & illus., 240 pp. 978-1-77085-279-2


Counting Teeth: A Namibian Story
Peter Midgley
(Wolsak & Wynn)

Travelling through Namibia, Midgley is fascinated by this southern African country’s violent history, complex politics and striking landscape—and his storyteller’s flare will captivate readers too.
$22.00 pa, 272 pp. 978-1-894987-89-9


Great Walks of the World
D. Larraine Andrews
(Rocky Mountain Books)

A unique and accessible collection of 12 global treks, Great Walks of the World features destinations on every continent but Antarctica. Readers will find the story behind each trail, combined with detailed maps, information on local customs, culture, flora, fauna, and stunning colour photographs. Climb the Stairs of Repentance to the top of Mount Sinai. Retrace the journey of the Klondike Gold Rush along the Golden Stairs of the Chilkoot Trail. Catch the “Long Look” across El Despoblado at the South Rim of the Chisos Mountains in Texas. Walk in the Dreaming tracks of the local Arrente as you trek the Larapinta Trail along Central Australia’s ancient MacDonnell Ranges. Or follow paths through sheep paddocks and woodlands along Great Britain’s Cotswold Way.
$30.00 pa, 12 colour maps & 100+ colour photos, 360 pp. 978-1-77160-000-2


Kinds of Winter: Four Solo Journeys by Dogteam in Canada’s Northwest Territories
Dave Olesen
(Wilfred Laurier University Press)

A compass, a dogteam, survival skills, treacherous conditions, four consecutive winters in the Northwest Territories, adventure, open and majestic wilderness. It’s a story you won’t forget.
$36.99 cl, 12 b&w illus. & 5 maps, 276 pp. 978-1-77112-118-7


Paddlenorth: Adventure, Resilience, and Renewal in the Arctic Wild
Jennifer Kingsley
(Greystone Books)

Paddlenorth tells the riveting story of an arduous paddling adventure in the Arctic, and offers an eloquent exploration of how wilderness changes us. “For lovers of adventure literature, here is a wilder Wild.” –J.B. MacKinnon
$29.95 cl, 10 b&w photos and 1 map, 240 pp. 978-1-77164-035-0

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