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Wattpad launches serialized zombie novel co-authored by Margaret Atwood and Naomi Alderman

Self-publishing platform Wattpad has released the first three chapters of The Happy Zombie Sunrise Home, a serialized novel co-written by Margaret Atwood and U.K. author Naomi Alderman.

Atwood and Alderman’s collaboration originated through the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative, an international program that pairs emerging artists across creative platforms with authorities in the field. The writers contributed alternating chapters to the novel, which follows 15-year-old Okie and her mother as they make a treacherous journey from New York City to Toronto after a zombie eats Okie’s father.

Wattpad CEO and founder Allen Lau recognizes the growth potential of serialized books. In a press release he says:

We are so proud that Margaret and Naomi chose Wattpad as a way to quickly and easily share this work with a global audience of millions. They both understand the new patterns of engagement that are happening around serially published stories. The majority of people on Wattpad are reading on their mobile phones so we believe there is a great fit between serialization and today’s mobile-first, social networked culture. The chapter-by-chapter model is something that is helping many writers connect with readers to find success.

Chapters are free to download from the Wattpad website or through its app. Additional instalments will be posted every Wednesday until Jan. 2.