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Apple facing $840 million ebook price-fixing claim

Apple’s legal troubles are heating up again, less than a year since a judge concluded that the tech giant conspired with five publishers to fix ebook prices.

On Jan. 31, attorney Steve Berman filed an $840 million class-action suit representing ebook customers in 33 states. Berman says he will use evidence presented last year as part of the U.S. Justice Department’s successful case against Apple to prove that the company owes plaintiffs approximately $281 million in damages. The claim further states that this amount should be tripled to $840 million, which equals 0.5 per cent of the $158.8 billion in cash reported by Apple at the end of 2013.

Meanwhile, Apple will learn tomorrow whether its emergency request to remove Michael Bromwich, its court-appointed compliance monitor in the DOJ suit, will be approved. In an appeals court filing, Apple lawyers argued that “the monitorship the district court imposed on Apple is unprecedented, impermissible and unconstitutional.”







February 3rd, 2014

2:19 pm

Category: Digital publishing and technology

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