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Amazon’s new phone features book-recognition capabilities

Like tech giants Google and Facebook before it, Amazon has entered the smartphone game. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled the Fire Phone at a press conference in Seattle today.

The smartphone, which is larger than an iPhone but smaller than most Androids, comes with some fancy features: multiple cameras enable users to take 3D pictures, and Amazon’s Cloud Drive service will provide unlimited free storage.

Not surprisingly, the phone includes many features that will funnel users back to Amazon’s store. The Fire Phone is equipped with an app called Firefly, which uses sensors to recognize up to 100 million objects or situations. Firefly can recognize music, television shows and movies, video games, and, of course, books, then directs users to the online store.

It’s being reported that AT&T will be the exclusive carrier for the Fire Phone in the U.S. upon its July 25 release. There’s no word yet on availability or which carrier will offer the phone in Canada.