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Muggles only

Canadian Press had some fun with news of a Harry Potter convention held in Ottawa this past weekend. It seems it was a grownup-only affair – no one under 16 was to be admitted, and those aged 16 to 18 had to be accompanied by an adult. As CP puts it, “the adult Muggles (non-wizards) want all the fun for themselves…. Grown-up Potter devotees argue that while the series is primarily aimed at children, Rowling sprinkled clues and references throughout the books which only adults would pick up.”

However, adults are still expected to act all cutesy on the subject of Potter, apparently. The official website devoted to the convention leads off with this: “The Laurentian Normal School of Consolidated Magicks has obtained permission from the Canadian Magical Authority to open the doors of the Canadian wizarding world to non-magic persons through the gateway of Convention Alley.”

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