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The Griffin Poetry Prize

Photos from the cocktail party, ceremony and dancing at the Griffin Poetry Prize ceremony. (Photos by Tom Sandler.)

Canadian poet Erin Moure, nominated for Little Theatres, eschews the Fosbury flop on this high jump over the velvet rope.

Krystyne Griffin welcomes socialite Catherine Nugent and writer Barbara Amiel.

Nicholas Hoare Booksellers manager Ben McNally.

Griffin puts the squeeze on nominated poet Durs Grunbein, who is flanked by his translator, Michael Hoffmann.

Authors Nino Ricci and Erika de Vasconcelos.

Scott and Krystyne Griffin are joined by Scott’s parents.

Griffin listens as actor Albert Schultz explains the gold trim on his shirt.

Former head of state Adrienne Clarkson and John Ralston Saul.

Fine Print host and producer Carolyn Weaver and Thomas Allen Publishers publicist Lisa Zaritzky.

Barry Callaghan glances up from the program.